Patent Information

International and Regional Arrangements:

  • Paris Convention:  Yes
  • PCT:  No
  • ARIPO:  No
  • OAPI:  No

Filing Requirements:

  • Specification, claims, abstract and drawings in English (required on the day of filing)
  • Power of Attorney, simply signed (can be filed within 2 months)
  • Assignment of Invention, legalised (can be filed within 2 months)
  • Priority document with verified English translation (can be filed within 3 months)

Novelty:      Absolute novelty is required

Patentability:     Methods of medical treatment, surgery and diagnosis are not patentable

Excess Fees:     None

Examination:     As to form only

Term of Patent:   20 years from the filing date

Renewals:     Payable annually from the third anniversary of the filing date

General Information

  • Area: Approximately 1850 km2
  • Population: 1.3 million
  • Capital: Port Louis
  • Currency: Mauritian Rupee
  • GDP:  $17.5 billion (2010)
  • Domain name extension: .mu
  • Languages: French, English (official languages)
  • Exports: Clothing; textiles; sugar; cut flowers; molasses; fish
  • Imports:  Manufactured goods; capital equipment; foodstuffs; petroleum products; chemicals

International / Regional Conventions:

  • Berne Convention
  • Paris Convention
  • WIPO Convention