Patent Information

International and Regional Arrangements:

  • Paris Convention:  Yes
  • PCT:  Yes
  • ARIPO:  Yes (see ARIPO requirements for designating Swaziland in an ARIPO application)
  • OAPI:  No
  • Other:  A granted UK patent automatically extends to Swaziland without the need for local registration. A patent may also be obtained by registering a granted South African patent in Swaziland

Filing Requirements:

For registration of a granted South African patent:

  • Certified copy of the South African patent (required on the day of filing)
  • Power of Attorney, simply signed (no set deadline)

For a convention or PCT application:

  • The law has not yet been amended to provide for these applications. Although ARIPO applications designating Swaziland are filed and accepted, there is no guarantee that an ARIPO patent will be enforceable in Swaziland

Term of Patent:     A patent based on a South African or UK patent remains in force for so long as the South African or UK patent remains in force.  The term of an ARIPO patent designating Swaziland is 20 years from the effective filing date

Renewals:     No renewal fees are payable for a UK patent. For a patent based on a granted South African patent, renewal fees are payable on the same date as South African renewal fees fall due, i.e. annually on the anniversary of the effective filing date

General Information

  • Area: Approximately 17 400 km2
  • Population: 1.4 million
  • Capital: Mbabane
  • Currency: Mbabane
  • GDP:  $ 6 billion (2010)
  • Domain name extension: .sz
  • Languages: English, Swazi (official languages)
  • Exports: Soft drink concentrates; sugar; wood pulp; cotton yarn; citrus and canned fruit; refrigerators
  • Imports:  Motor vehicles; machinery; transport equipment; foodstuffs; petroleum products; chemicals

International / Regional Conventions:

  • Banjul Protocol (of ARIPO)
  • Berne Convention
  • Madrid Agreement  on Marks
  • Madrid Protocol on Marks
  • Paris Convention
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • WIPO Convention