Patent Information

International and Regional Arrangements:

  • Paris Convention:  Yes
  • PCT:  Yes national phase deadline is 21 months for Chapter 1 applications and 31 months for Chapter 2 applications)
  • ARIPO:  Yes (see ARIPO requirements for designating Uganda in an ARIPO application)
  • OAPI:  No

Filing Requirements:

  • Specification, abstract and drawings in English (required on day of filing)
  • Published PCT Application for national phase applications (required on day of filing)
  • Power of Attorney, simply signed (no set deadline)
  • Assignment of Invention (no set deadline)
  • International Search Report and International Preliminary Examination Report for national phase applications (no set deadline)
  • Priority document and verified English translation (can be filed within 3 months)

Novelty:   Absolute novelty is required

Patentability:  Methods of medical treatment, surgery or diagnosis are not patentable

Excess Fees:    None

Examination:     As to form only, although the Registrar may request particulars of corresponding applications in other jurisdictions and may also direct that substantive examination be conducted through the ARIPO office for inventions in certain technical fields

Term of Patent:  15 years from the effective filing date, extendible by a further period of 5 years

Renewals: Due from the first anniversary of the effective filing date, but only payable upon grant of the patent

General Information

  • Area: Approximately 241 000 km2
  • Population: 33.4 million
  • Capital: Kampala
  • Currency: Ugandan Shilling
  • GDP:  $ 41.7 billion (2010)
  • Domain name extension: .ug
  • Languages: 11 official languages: English (official language), Swahili, Luganda
  • Exports: Coffee; cotton; tea; gold; fish products; horticultural products
  • Imports:  Petroleum; cereals; medical supplies; capital equipment; vehicles

International / Regional Conventions:

  • Banjul Protocol (of ARIPO)
  • Paris Convention
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • WIPO Convention